Mario Papercraft

I’ve always been impressed with the Sonic the Hedgehog Papercraft available at Japan’s Sega website, but since I’m a Mario fan-boy, I was also disappointed that I could never find a Mario equivalent. I mean, there are some Mario papercraft figures, but not a level diorama like the Sonic one.

So one lazy afternoon, back in early 2007, I decided to do something about it.

My first attempt was a papercraft diorama model of World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers. It’s more-or-less to scale, too.

Mario Papercraft W1-1

Download PDF instructions

Shortly after, I made a diorama of the World 1-1 end flagpole…

Mario Papercraft W1-1 (End)

Download PDF instructions

I recieved some feedback which suggested my models weren’t lively enough (compared to the Sonic papercraft), even though SMB1 was a significantly simpler game than Sonic. My original focus was on accurately recreating a scene from the level to scale rather than model complexity.

They had a valid point, though, so I bent the rules of accuracy a tiny bit to make this slightly more detailed model. More enemies, more landmark features, and more of a 3-D feel.

Mario-Papercraft-W7-3 (level)

Download PDF instructions

Although I largely made these models for my own fun, it’s been great seeing the results of people around-the-world who’ve built my models. One of my favourites is definitely this guy who scaled-down the entire thing and fit it inside a broken Game Boy. Cool!

Game Boy with Paper Mario

Game Boy with Paper Mario (close up)

Then there was also the talented illustrator who designed a comedy poster called 56 Geeks. The poster had cartoon characatures of different stereotypical geeks, for example…

56 Geeks Preview

And one of them just happened to look very familiar! Coincidence? Hmm. Haha!

Who does this look like? ;-)

It’s been a lot of fun. This has certainly been one of my more popular projects, and I’ve enjoyed both making them and seeing the results. I hope I get time in the near future to make some more!