Video Gallery

Rainy Day in Marina Bay

A short rainy day in Marina Bay, Singapore.


My First Skydive

To celebrate my upcoming wedding, my best friends organised to get me thrown out of a plane.


Clowing Around at the Adelaide Christmas Pageant

My debut as a clown in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Adelaide, Nov 2013. See more:


Extreme SharePoint!

Fun in the office when a friend brought in a Go-Pro


Nerfocalypse Now

Pete got a new Nerf toy delivered to the office. The original footage was shot with him and the gun, but then we spliced in the others after he’d left as a surprise!


Audrey II Puppet (Little Shop of Horrors costume)

Homemade Audrey II puppet / Seymour costume for the company Christmas party, “Movies” costume theme.


Epic New Zealand Holiday Video

Everything is epic at 240fps with an “O Fortuna” soundtrack. Shot on my Casio FH100 in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Operation: Katie’s Desk (2011)

One of our colleagues was away on holiday, so we “redecorated” her desk with old, leftover business cards.

Spinning Hat at my Graduation

This was a prank during my Uni Graduation ceremony. The hat had a CD-ROM motor mounted inside, with a switch connected to my hand.

Last dinner in Wonju: Sannakji (live octopus)

This was a special treat on my last night in Wonju (South Korea).

Moonwalkoff Challenge

A typical Friday night in my office, with colleagues challenging each other to Moonwalkoffs.